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The Prospect Interview #167: We are Bellingcat, with Eliot Higgins

The citizen journalist talks about investigating the Syrian civil war and the January 6 march on the US Capitol—all from home

By Prospect Team  

Citizen journalist Eliot Higgins joins the Prospect Interview to discuss the many groundbreaking investigations made by Bellingcat, his open-source investigative journalism website. Eliot first started as a hobbyist in 2011, investigating the transport and use of weapons during the Syrian civil war while watching YouTube videos from his home. Now Bellingcat, founded in 2014, has made headline-grabbing discoveries on the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 and the Yemeni civil war. Eliot joins arts and books editor Sameer Rahim to talk about citizen journalism, how Bellingcat really works, and the troubling rise of internet conspiracies. 

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