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  1. “Modernisation” for disabled students

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    Who said what to whom? David Willetts, Universities Minister, announced in a written statement to Parliament on 7th April that the Government was taking “measures to modernise the Disabled Students’ Allowances”. What does it mean? This is a highly specific use of the word “modernise”, ie it translates as “cut.”...
  2. UK growth: “more progress” than the US

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    The Prospector spoke to Douglas Duncan, the senior vice president and chief economist at the US Federal National Mortgage Association, which is commonly known as Fannie Mae. It is an organisation founded in the 1930s in response to the Great Depression, but is now a private company which acts in...
  3. The Clang of economics

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    The thump and grind of economic opinion on days such as Friday is formidable. The reason that last week ended in such a frenzy was that the Office for National Statistics released data showing that Britain’s economic output had increased. Compared to growth in the second three-month period of 2013,...

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