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There are 83m fake Facebook accounts
Daily Mail, 2nd August 2012

The phrase “American exceptionalism” was coined in 1929 by Josef Stalin
The New Republic, 3rd August 2012

In the early 1990s, Kim Jong Il imposed a ban on women riding bicycles in urban areas following the death of his general’s daughter. It was lifted in July this year.
Orange News, 20th August 2012

Capuchin monkeys refuse to participate in an experiment if another monkey is seen to get greater reward for participating. They react even more negatively if the other monkey does nothing at all for its reward.
Nature, 23rd July 2012

In Italian, there is a word for a summer hit song that is played everywhere you go: tormentone.
BBC, 26th August 2012

Manchester City football club has four data analysts attached to its first team and six more for other teams down to the club’s Under-9s.

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