David Goodhart

Prospect Magazine

  1. Stephen Lawrence and the politics of race

    Why did the Stephen Lawrence story catch the public imagination so dramatically? There are countless miscarriages of justice every year, some of them just as serious, which most people have never heard of. Lawrence stuck mainly of course because it was a racial morality tale. Indeed from that day in...
  2. Imperial ‘Itch

    Christopher Hitchens was a big and impressive figure. And the sheer scale of the commentary after his death is a testament to one of his most attractive qualities: his capacity for close friendship, especially among his fellow writers and journalists, the gatekeepers of the public domain. But the mainly admiring...
  3. The riots at the end of history

    I tried to buy the Daily Mail this morning, because a friend had written something about the classes he runs in Peckham to encourage black kids to aim higher at school. I could not find one in the three newsagents I visited. A first sign of the backlash against liberalism?...

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