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  1. Prospect recommends: Theatre

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    The Master Builder by Henrik Ibsen, dir Travis Preston, Almeida, 12th November-8th January 2011 Quietly picking off the big roles at his own pace, Stephen Dillane is the most interesting of the less headline-hogging leading actors, bringing his own brand of dark intensity and keen intelligence to bear on Hamlet,...
  2. Prospect recommends: theatre

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    Tribes by Nina Raine, Royal Court, London 14th October-13th November With two new plays on the way (the second, Tiger Country, set in a London hospital, is at the Hampstead Theatre in the new year), the moment has come for Nina Raine to fulfil her promise. Her first play, Rabbit,...
  3. Prospect recommends: Nic Green

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    Nic Green is a Glasgow-based performance artist whose naked dance and sexual politics triptych, Trilogy, an acclaimed sensation at the Edinburgh fringe last summer, is revived as a winter non-warmer at the BAC in Battersea, and as part of the Barbican’s Bite10 programme. Green divides her three-hour staging into an...
  4. Prospect recommends: Comedians

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      No playwright of the 1970s wrote more passionately on politics and revolution than Trevor Griffiths. But both Occupations, about Gramsci, and The Party, on the media’s channelling of the Paris événements (which saw Laurence Olivier’s final stage appearance, as a Glaswegian Trotskyite) were eclipsed by Comedians in 1975. First...
  5. The RSC showdown

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    After years of decline and mismanagement, the Royal Shakespeare Company is staking it all on a cycle of the complete works. But is it now too late to regain the one principle that gave the RSC meaning—a national ensemble of actors working in contemporary theatre through the Shakespearean example?

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