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Watch: Jay Elwes in Conversation with David Omand

After the outrage in Salisbury, what are we to make of Vladimir Putin’s aggressive posture towards the west?

By Prospect Team  

David Omand the former head of GCHQ, the government’s secret communications intelligence agency, sat down with Jay Elwes, Executive Editor of Prospect, to discuss the challenges posed by a new range of cyber threats, many of which have been deployed against the west. Elections in the US, Europe and possibly also Britain have been the target of foreign cyber-activity—and even if this meddling has not decided the outcome of those votes, the attempted interference by one state in the political system of another is a grave affront to liberal democratic values.

Omand discusses the extent of this threat, focussing on the Russian use of these new methods of digital subversion, and asks: what are these new techniques; why have they come into use now; and what can be done about them? The former spy chief confronts all these questions and more— follow us on twitter for the latest updates about upcoming Prospect events.

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