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Darfur—the crisis explained

The collapse last year of African Union-led talks aimed at resolving the Darfur crisis leaves a solution as far away as ever. A Sudan expert who advised the AU during the talks explains the background to the conflict and asks…
Alex De Waal  

Bombast as art

In portraying Hitler as the product of a diabolical incest, Norman Mailer has taken fictional ambition to a remote peak of implausibility
Alexander Linklater  

Reports from the gulag

Martin Amis's new novel is brilliant and insightful, but offers little news to those versed in the 20th century's first-hand accounts of atrocity
Tom Chatfield  

Out of Africa

Uncle Sam unwittingly brings peace to Somalia. The problem of old men in Africa. And is the international criminal court an obstacle to peace?
Richard Dowden  

Benny Morris

Once the great chronicler of Israel's war crimes, he now laments Ben-Gurion's failure to clear all Arab inhabitants from Palestine in 1948. What has become of Morris and the Israeli left?
David B Green