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Disenchanted democracies

Citizens in rich democracies are becoming both more sceptical towards government and more demanding of it, leading to a "crisis of disengagement." This won't be reversed by institutional reform—better to focus on the democracy of everyday life
Paul Skidmore  

Washington watch

Could the campaigns for the nominations drag on until the party conventions? If so, Clinton may be calling on the Dem "super-delegates." Plus, candidates' campaign songs

Follow the leader

The "Blairism" strategy of the centre-left has brought ten years of power, thanks to a centralised leadership system attuned to the interests of middle Britain. Without Blair this system will no longer work. So will Labour now turn to electoral…
David Soskice  

Disengaged democracy

The Blair era began on a wave of optimism but is ending in a crisis of disengagement. Most accounts of this problem, including the Power inquiry, are unsatisfactory. Consider instead the "1 per cent solution"
Paul Skidmore  

Reforming party funding

Labour's "loans for honours" troubles have kept the issue of party funding in the news. And another official review is reporting in December. Is it finally time to put a cap on individual donations and consider proper state funding?
Justin Fisher