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Washington Watch

It looks like President Obama. If so, would he get more than one term? Would he really appoint Republicans to his cabinet? And does this mean Palin is favourite for 2012?

Explaining the financial crisis

The credit crunch was an accident waiting to happen, thanks to a long period of benign market conditions which encouraged riskier behaviour by financiers. But how did problems in the US mortgage market spread to become a crisis of bank…
Charles Goodhart  

America still works

The US economy is slowing down, but the long-term trends for the country are more favourable than many think. There has also been a sharp improvement in many of America's social pathologies, such as violent crime and drug abuse
Michael Lind  

Inefficient markets

The wobble in global markets illustrates the dilemma of regulation: do nothing and you face disaster; bail out speculators and you encourage more recklessness
Michael Prest  

Capitalism works

America's shareholder-driven business model has curbed its excesses and remains the most effective system of wealth creation.
Geoffrey Owen  

The real economy

The American business model is both unattractive and inaccurate. Market economies work only when embedded in social institutions
John Kay