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Washington watch

Nancy Pelosi has a plan to pin the blame for the financial crisis firmly on the Republicans. Plus, win a day with Bill Clinton

Washington Watch

Congress shows Obama who's boss. How bad is the US economy? So bad that Summers and Geithner are skipping tennis camp this year

Washington watch

Gaffe-prone Biden gets a beefed up role, while Clinton wonders if she has one. Plus, Obama learns lessons from socialism and ice cream

Washington watch

Obama's foreign policy and economics teams contain a lot of big beasts—expect clashes. And the Woodrow Wilson Centre emerges as Obama's favourite think tank

Lab report

What can we expect from Obama's science team? Action on climate change and over-fishing, and perhaps a change in nuclear defence policy. Plus, when galaxies collide
Philip Ball  

J Street’s moment

It may not seem like it, but America's Jews are growing tired of Israel's wars. And now they have a new lobby to voice their dissent
Antony Lerman  

All cannot have prizes

Charles Murray, the controversial conservative social scientist, has turned his fire on the belief that almost anyone can excel academically. But his latest book is hastily written, largely unconvincing and possibly immoral
Geoff Mulgan  

Washington watch

It turns out that Obama didn't win because of a surge in young or black voters, or small-time donors. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is dynamite with the folks in Georgia


Obama's transition looks serene. But, underneath, people like me are trampling on friends and principles in a desperate scrabble to work in highway reconstruction policy
Aaron Banks  


Most of the Brit commentators tramping around America this season have missed the point. More4's drama, John Adams, is the true text for our times
Peter Bazalgette