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The road to war

There are lessons to be learned from the mistakes made in the heart of government that led to Britain's defeat at the UN
Charles Grant  

Obasanjo’s return

Having rejoiced when Olusegun Obasanjo became president of Nigeria again, I found reconnecting with him proved harder than expected.
Jonathan Power  

Japan and the world

Despite its current problems Japan still wields huge economic power. But the country should reject an appeal to use that clout to rebuild the international order. It ain't broke...
David Howell  

Warming by committee

The most exhaustive official account of global warming has just been published by the UN. John Maddox shares its anxieties but believes that the committees which produced it need reform
John Maddox  

The UN – mission impossible

No one felt like celebrating at the UN's 50th anniversary last year - the wounds of Bosnia, Rwanda and Somalia were too raw. David Hannay, formerly British ambassador to the UN, says its failings are overstated
David Hannay