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One nation under tarmac

Many Britons spend a twelfth of their lives driving, yet we barely examine the roads beneath our wheels. Now Joe Moran has told the story of a vast, unseen world
Ian Irvine  


I am a trainspotter. I write down engine numbers in one book and then underline them in another. Could I be any more sad?
Nicholas Royle  

A new age of the train

The story of Britain's railways is one of chaotic genius in the Victorian era followed by a century of more or less uninterrupted decline. Christian Wolmar charts this history in admirable detail, but succumbs to unwarranted romanticism when it comes…
Andrew Adonis  

Cooler cities

The world's cities are responsible for 80 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions, but are also likely to produce many of the solutions to climate change. Many cities have far more ambitious environmental aims than do national governments. But how…
Matthew Lockwood  

These islands

Each month, our new column will look at life in one of the five capital cities of "these islands." As this is Prospect's London month, we start in the old imperial capital
Simon Jenkins  

A city of capital

London is diverse, dynamic and rich. It is also unequal, expensive and congested—and getting fuller every year. Can London's socialist mayor preside over a hyper-capitalist city-state while keeping it a decent place to live for most citizens?
Simon Parker  

Interview: Ken Livingstone

"Red Ken" explains why big business is a progressive force in the new, global London. He also discusses the city's high-density growth, Sharia law and segregation in the capital, and how he will sink Labour if it won't invest in…
Simon Parker  

Notes from underground

This is my last column (at least from underground). Dear reader, I have finally been sacked. No doubt some of you think that I thoroughly deserved it
Dan Kuper