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Sporting life

The Australians have lost their supreme dominance in international cricket—and other sports as well. What’s going on?
David Goldblatt  

Exorcising Fifa

This week's BBC Panorama documentary alleged what many have long suspected: corruption at the heart of Fifa. It’s time to exorcise the devils from global football’s governing body
David Goldblatt  

Memoir: The one that got away

November sees one of Britain’s biggest rowing races, celebrating a sport in which we lead the world. But this is the true story of how one oarsman was denied his dream of Olympic gold
Josh Raymond  

Sporting life: Judo

The Japanese invented judo and believe that they should control the sport. But the forces of globalisation are not so easily vanquished
David Goldblatt  

Reclaiming football

Football clubs have a unique power to build communities, but their owners are only interested in money. Let's put the national sport back in the hands of its supporters
Dave Boyle  

A sporting chance for London

Olympic host cities have a poor track record when it comes to urban regeneration. But the 2012 Games can be different—if we allow for a little DIY alongside the big developers
Rowan Moore  

Africa and the cruelty of football

The 2010 African Cup of Nations will not be remembered for its football, but for the tragedy that befell the Togolese team. Angola's government and the Confederation of African Football have much to answer for
David Goldblatt  

Sporting life

Forget Ireland vs France—Egypt and Algeria’s World Cup playoff got truly nasty. Plus, sexism in Olympic ski jumping
David Goldblatt  

Sporting life

Sport tends to privilege offence—but a better appreciation of the virtues of defence would benefit us all. Plus, stop jeering at Walcott
David Goldblatt