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Lab report

Reviewing the "crisis" in British physics. And the work of Nobel-winning Japanese physicists is not as obscure as it seems—it's about why there is more than one single thing
Philip Ball  

Lab report

Space travel is finally being commercialised; even Nasa is bowing to market forces. Plus, scientists plan to decode a thousand genomes—but is that enough?
Philip Ball  


Why have we not encountered intelligent extraterrestrial life? We used to assume that the aliens had blown themselves up. But perhaps they just got addicted to computer games
Geoffrey Miller  

Lab report

The alleged transatlantic bombers were planning to mix liquids in aeroplane toilets to form instant explosives. Is the chemistry really that simple?
Philip Ball  

Escape from the universe

The universe is destined to end. Before it does, could an advanced civilisation escape via a "wormhole" into a parallel universe? The idea seems like science fiction, but it is consistent with the laws of physics and biology. Here's how…
Michio Kaku  

To still boldly go

Manned spaceflight must not be stopped by the Columbia tragedy. It is good for science, business, culture and international politics
Ian Crawford