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Roundtable on Russia

Russia is entering its most unstable period since the end of the Soviet Union. Will there be violence? Who is running the country? Why is the economy still depressed? Six Russia watchers review the country's mood and come to tentative…
John Lloyd  

Lonely tsar

The defining moment of Boris Yeltsin's career was his humiliation by Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987. In pursuit of revenge, Yeltsin broke up the Soviet Union. But he has remained a loner, unwilling to build a reform party and now, like…
John Morrison  

An unscheduled stop

Ulyanovsk is a sleepy town on the Volga, but for over half a century it was a bustling shrine dedicated to its most famous son-Lenin. Robert Haupt took a river boat to the town in search of what shaped the…
Robert Haupt  

The party’s over

Frederic Raphael considers 'Le passé d'une illusion'-François Furet's meditation on the bewitching influence Soviet Marxism had on so many French intellectuals. The British and others may have been less susceptible, but can the millennarian impulse ever be finally extinguished?
Frederic Raphael