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Out of mind

A Cambodian woman is paralysed just like her husband, but she has not had a stroke. She is in a grey region of "conversion disorders"
Alexander Linklater  

States of development

Many have argued that the key to development in Africa is more financial aid and more democracy. But neither played a big role in the economic take-off of Asian countries like Taiwan and South Korea. What the Asian success stories…
Matthew Lockwood  

Learning the Thai sex trade

Thailand generates fantasies, both for tourists in search of sex and for aid workers peddling lurid tales of trafficking. The tsunami created more false horror stories. What are the facts of the trade?
Alex Renton  

China’s chance

While America has been distracted by the war on terror, authoritarian Beijing has been spreading its influence through east Asia and beyond. In fact, for the first time since the fall of the Soviet Union, US "soft power" is being…
Joshua Kurlantzick  

Vengeful majorities

In many poor countries, markets concentrate wealth in the hands of prosperous ethnic minorities. In these places, democracy can be an engine of vengeance
Amy Chua  

Aung San Suu Kyi

The world's most famous prisoner has little to show for ten years of struggle. Is the Burmese opposition crumbling?
Adrian Levy