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My Pakistan

Bin Laden’s capture laid bare our army’s long history of betrayal. But it might, finally, force change
Moni Mohsin  


The people of the central Asian nation of Karakalpakstan are being driven out by two of the 21st-century’s biggest challenges—ecological disaster and resurgent nationalism
Jack Shenker  

China café

I was slaving away in the kitchen of our coffee shop when the county chief turned up for a surprise visit. But it went well, or so I thought
Mark Kitto  

The great Dalit hope

Mayawati, political queen of the untouchables, could become her country's next prime minister. But what does her unlikely rise tell us about the new India?
Meghnad Desai  

Sporting life

Moving the IPL cricket competition to South Africa is proof of the weakness of the Indian polity and the verve of its business class
David Goldblatt  

Travels with the mango king

Salmaan Taseer, the influential governor of Pakistan's Punjab province, died tragically earlier this month. Here, his son Aatish Taseer tells of a journey he went on in search of his father, and his Pakistani roots
Aatish Taseer