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Whatever happened to the German left?

After 16 years' exile, are Germany's Social Democrats ready to return to national power? They have an elusive programme, a leadership divided between a Blairite and a Jospinite view of social democracy, and two other parties of the left snapping…
Robert Leicht  

Italian futures

It is just over two years since Romano Prodi's centre-left coalition came to power on the ruins of Italy's postwar political system. By joining Emu in the first wave it has achieved one of its main goals. But will it…
John Hooper  

The good state

Octogenarian economist John Kenneth Galbraith no longer fulminates against consumerism. But, says Kenneth Minogue, his view of the good society is still irredeemably statist
Kenneth Minogue  

No earthly paradise

Our century has seen the triumph of Eduard Bernstein's evolutionary socialism against revolutionary utopias. Stephen Tindale says that we must now prepare for evolutionary environmentalism
Stephen Tindale