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Between the lines

Cormac McCarthy's dislike of publicity has made him one of the commanding absences of American letters. But the huge success of his latest novel, The Road, may change that for good
Jason Cowley  

Between the lines

Inspector Morse is one of Britain's most successful literary television adaptations. I first watched it while grieving for my father, and will always associate it with that time
Jason Cowley  

Points of departure

Transformations, miracles and slippages are at the heart of David Malouf's rich and poetic fiction. Malouf is the great chronicler of Australia's lost, Aboriginal part of itself
Stella Tillyard  

Snared by the past

Ian McEwan's new novel, the story of a young couple's disastrous wedding night, is both a triumphant piece of social history and a reminder of the misery caused by an earlier age's sexual decorum
Tom Chatfield  

Irony and genius

Daniel Kehlmann's bestselling novel offers a comic view of some of Germany's great thinkers. In doing so, it mocks the very idea of German high culture
Philip Oltermann  

Bombast as art

In portraying Hitler as the product of a diabolical incest, Norman Mailer has taken fictional ambition to a remote peak of implausibility
Alexander Linklater  

The skull beneath the skin

Mixing high-flown philosophy with sickening violence, Derek Raymond's crime novels have long been neglected. Now, finally, they are being republished
Paul Barker