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Tag: Short stories


After Tess died, Adam started to hate her family. Almost as much as he hated his own ability to cope
James Scudamore  

The Ghost

Since my father died, something has been wrong with my son. At least, I hope it's something wrong with him
Toby Litt  

Desert storms

The prophet Muhammad's love life is a sensitive subject. But was the book Random House decided not to publish worth all the fuss?
Shereen El Feki  

Hell is other people

Zöe Heller's first two novels won her a reputation as a leading chronicler of middle-class viciousness. Her latest is equally acerbic but also introduces a subtler and more satisfying note of compassion
Laura Barber  

The sweet pain of betrayal

Howard Jacobson's early works show him to be a master of comic complaint and morbid eroticism. But his latest novel is a departure for more complex, compromised territory—and a sobering lesson in the interconnectedness of fidelity, love and fury
Jonathan Derbyshire  

An artist of the abstract world

Janna Levin's first novel is a compelling fictionalisation of the lives of two great scientists. But her gift lies not so much in bringing science to life as in showing how life itself fuels great science
Gwyneth Lewis  

Migration fiction moves on

The last half century has seen long-distance migration shift from an exceptional to a normal aspect of global life. As Eva Hoffman's latest novel shows, this new migration is a realm of more subtle traumas and dislocations than the old,…
Emran Mian