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Life, but not as we know it

Thanks to the new science of synthetic biology, it will soon be possible to create living cells in a laboratory. This could bring big benefits—from medicine to combating global warming—but potential dangers too. I went to Greenland to find out…
Philip Ball  

Matters of taste

Norway may have given up producing canned fish, but its cuisine is still pretty poor. At the Stavanger fish market you can, however, pick up some very tasty whale meat
Alex Renton  

A Damascene conversion

I had been living in Damascus for barely a month when my Norwegian friend Isak told me he was on the verge of converting to Islam. Then the Danish cartoon row erupted
Aatish Taseer  

A Danish drama

Jyllands-Posten, the newspaper that published the infamous Muhammad cartoons, is based in my home town and still sits on my family's coffee table. This is the real story of how a provincial newspaper's prank turned into a global crisis
Jytte Klausen  

Göran Persson

After a rocky patch in the early 1990s, the Swedish model of high taxes and high spending is now stronger—and more popular—than ever. Sweden's prime minister explains why
Jonathan Power  

The fusion city

The cold war split single cities in two. Globalisation is bringing separate ones together, regardless of nations
Tim Judah