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Tag: Race and immigration

Immigration in Germany

In Germany's upcoming election, the red-green coalition is on the ropes. But it has bequeathed modern citizenship, immigration and asylum laws
Helen Fessenden  

Poor whites

Poor whites in places like Burnley have an idea of justice which is at odds with the modern, liberal state. Their sense of losing out from immigration cannot simply be dismissed as racism
John Lloyd  

Not so solid

The arrest of rapper Ashley Walters should force the black community to speak out loud about its problems
Lennie James  

Sense on segregation

Segregation along class, racial or religious lines is inevitable and will happen even in tolerant, liberal societies like Britain.
Paul Ormerod  

Asylum fixers

Wahidallah fled Afghanistan because journalists got him into trouble. So I got him into Britain. But how would he adapt to new life?
James Fergusson  

Other people

The modern left values both solidarity and diversity, but they can conflict. A strong notion of Britishness helps them to cohabit—the left still needs the nation
Jytte Klausen  

National good

The ethnically homogeneous nation-state is alive and well. It remains the largest feasible focus for both belonging and democracy
Michael Lind  

Immigration & asylum in the EU

Asylum and immigration are truly pan-European issues. Most EU states cut back on primary immigration in the 1970s, but are now affected by the rise in asylum-seekers. Given the EU's ageing population, is a return to selective immigration inevitable?
Ben Hall  

Second chance in Berlin

What makes a city great? It needs hungry outsiders struggling to become insiders. This explains why Berlin will never again be a great city, even when it becomes the capital of the united Germany in 1999
Josef Joffe  

Liberalism and its limits

Ten years after the publication of The Satanic Verses, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown considers how it forced Muslims in the west, as well as the white liberal intelligentsia, to confront the limits of freedom of speech and multiculturalism
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown