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Tag: Race and immigration

Race and loneliness

Caryl Phillips's new novel is about race in early 20th-century American music-halls. But the subject that has always interested him most is loneliness
Jonathan Heawood  

Migration matters

Immigration is not only politically controversial, it is extremely complex and hard to measure accurately. There are big flows into and out of the UK every year - but in recent years more immigrants have been arriving than ever before
John Salt  

Britain’s front line

Lunar House in Croydon is the dump where most asylum seekers and other migrants have their claims processed. For Britain to have robust and fair border controls, it has got to work better
James Fergusson  

Islamophobia myth

If there is a backlash against British Muslims, where is the evidence for it? Scaremongering about Islamophobia promotes a Muslim victim culture and allows some community leaders to inflame a sense of injury while suppressing internal debate. The new religious…
Kenan Malik  

After Van Gogh

How should the centre-left respond to the implosion of the multicultural ideal in the Netherlands?
Wouter Bos  

Race and creation

Humans, it seems, were predisposed to make sharp distinctions between in-group and out-group before there were any races at all—indeed, races may have evolved partly as a response to that predisposition
Richard Dawkins  

An expat’s lament

Germaine Greer has told white Australia to embrace its Aboriginal identity. But this book is more about her own isolation and sense of loss
Nicolas Rothwell  

Ethnic America

Samuel Huntington has stirred up a new controversy with a book about the danger to America from Hispanic immigration. He worries too much about Hispanics but he is right that the US does have an Anglo-Protestant ethno-cultural core which may…
E K  

Too diverse?

Is Britain becoming too diverse to sustain the mutual obligations behind a good society and the welfare state?
David Goodhart  

Vengeful majorities

In many poor countries, markets concentrate wealth in the hands of prosperous ethnic minorities. In these places, democracy can be an engine of vengeance
Amy Chua  

An African lament

Liberal whites are emigrating from the African countries they call home. This can only mean further decline
RW Johnson  

Migration limits

Large-scale immigration into Britain and some other European countries is a recent phenomenon and, despite the benefits it brings, cannot continue at current rates without disturbing existing national cultures and identities. A prominent left-wing economist argues that numbers do matter
Bob Rowthorn