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Tag: Race and immigration

Blacks, whites and blues

Marybeth Hamilton paints a vivid portrait of the white collectors who brought blues to the masses. It's just a pity that she can't grasp what was so transcendent about Robert Johnson
Joe Boyd  

Identity and migration

Modern liberal societies have weak collective identities. Postmodern elites, especially in Europe, feel that they have evolved beyond identities defined by religion and nation. But if our societies cannot assert positive liberal values, they may be challenged by migrants who…
Francis Fukuyama  

Barack Obama

His unusual background and his ability to use it to articulate a hopeful version of the American dream have turned Barack Obama into a political star. But is the US ready for its first black president?
James Crabtree  

An integrated France?

A new book dispels the notion that France's Muslims are intent on forging a society distinct from the mainstream

Hidden solidarities

The death of solidarity in Britain has been greatly exaggerated. Most of us live in solid, long-standing "micro-social" communities
Ray Pahl  

Illusions of identity

Amartya Sen discusses his new book, in which he claims that the British approach to multiculturalism has undermined individual freedom
Kenan Malik  

A Brummie’s lament

The Birmingham council estate I grew up on has just elected its first BNP councillor. The working-class defensiveness and isolation I fought so hard to escape are alive and well
Lynsey Hanley  

Tillyard’s tales

If you spend your holidays in southern Europe, you will have seen them—African immigrants, selling fake goods. What is Europe going to do about them?
Stella Tillyard  

National anxieties

Issues of security and identity have been unexpectedly prominent since 1997. On this terrain, New Labour has found itself squeezed between its liberal supporters and its anxious ones. The two can be reconciled in a politics of liberal realism, based…
David Goodhart  

Born in Bradford

I witnessed the birth of political multiculturalism in Britain. It was in Bradford in the late 1980s when the left, shamefully, swapped secular universalism for ethnic particularism
Kenan Malik  

British commitments

Since the London bombs, the debate about multiculturalism and national identity has acquired a new urgency. One of Britain's leading thinkers in this field argues that becoming a citizen should involve not only rights and duties, but also a moral…
Bhikhu Parekh