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An Asian whitewash

Ziauddin Sardar's latest book touches on many of the most troubling questions at the heart of what it means to be a British Asian in the 21st century. But his blinkered adherence to the politics of resentment means it contains…
Emran Mian  

The kindness of strangers

The claim that there is no such thing as race is understandable but wrong. We should recognise both the genetic reality of race and the uniquely human ability to transcend it
Mark Pagel  

Broken borders

Republican presidential candidates are outdoing each other in their attempts to appear tough on illegal immigration. Yet reform is well overdue
Will Straw  

These islands

Dublin's Parnell Street was derelict before the Africans began to move in, in the mid-1990s. Now the Asians have replaced them and we have a minister for integration
Colin Murphy  

Is God returning to Europe?

A leading US Christian says that faith in Europe will be re-energised by a creative Christian minority and by the example of Islam. But he is too sanguine about the integration of Muslims and about "model" America—where religiosity is, in…
E K  

How we “count” migration

People are very hard to count, especially in a free society. The failings in Britain's system of counting migration reflect the inherent flaws in any mass sampling system. Although the system could be improved, it will always be tough to…
Michael Blastland