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Tag: Poverty and wealth

How many poor?

As the government prepares to overhaul Britain's welfare system, Steven Webb, the Liberal Democrats' spokesman on social security, examines how much we really know about poverty. How do we measure it? Do we define it in absolute or relative terms?…
Stephen Webb  

Goodbye to Rawls

New Labour has abandoned a redistributive, social democratic idea of justice without putting anything in its place. John Gray suggests borrowing from the early 20th century New Liberals
John Gray  

Raising the floor

Labour has abandoned equality but not the "excluded"-the three million people stuck on unpopular council estates. Their lives can be improved without a big increase in spending
Anne Power  

Poverty and wickedness

Charles Murray's assertions about the underlcass in Britain do not stand up to scrutiny, says AH Halsey. Social policy should instead focus on how to make citizen's income feasible
AH Halsey  

Class, merit and opportunity

All the main parties support the principle of an open and classless society. Anthony Dworkin considers their different means to that end and examines the flaws in the meritocratic vision
Anthony Dworkin  

Wolfensohn’s World Bank

What is the role of the World Bank, the world's biggest development agency, now that private capital flows freely to many poor countries? Michael Prest surveys the first year in office of president James Wolfensohn and his attempt to renew…
Michael Prest  


Charles Lane argues that relations between Germany and the US are becoming strained as a result of "double standards" in trade and diplomacy with Iran
Charles Lane  

Global swarming

If six billion people enjoyed US standards of living would it spell environmental disaster for the planet? As the economies of China and India take off, this is no longer an academic question. Vincent Cable, senior research fellow at Chatham…
Vince Cable