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Tag: Poverty and wealth

Worldly wealth

Can a future population of 9bn enjoy the stuff, space and speed that is the preserve of today's rich without crippling the global environment? Despite the claims of the "austerity school," it is possible with technology only slightly more advanced…
Michael Lind  

Vengeful majorities

In many poor countries, markets concentrate wealth in the hands of prosperous ethnic minorities. In these places, democracy can be an engine of vengeance
Amy Chua  

Evolutionary left

Help may be at hand for the intellectual left from an unlikely source; Darwinian evolutionary psychology
Marek Kohn  

Aung San Suu Kyi

The world's most famous prisoner has little to show for ten years of struggle. Is the Burmese opposition crumbling?
Adrian Levy  

How to get rich

A strong yet flexible state is handy. A binding legal system is essential. But democracy? Not necessary, especially in developing countries
Deepak Lal  

Global happiness

Globalisation is making everyone richer, but may undermine human happiness. What would a (utilitarian) God suggest?
Robert Wright  

Inequality: The long view

The rise in inequality, especially in the Anglo-Saxon world, has become an obsession of policy makers. In fact, it is less steep and probably less permanent than they imagine, and is overshadowed by a remarkable reduction in world inequality. By…
Paul Ormerod  

Mind the gap

New Labour does not have a convincing story to tell about the left's most important value-equality. In practice its "third way" approach means trying to improve conditions for the worst off but otherwise accepting market outcomes. Does Tony Blair's idea…
Michael Prowse  

Trouble we’re in

As John Kenneth Galbraith turns 90, the American social balance which he celebrated in "The Affluent Society" has disappeared. Widening inequality and an atrophied civic culture seem irreversible, says a man who tried to turn the tide
Robert Reich  

“Winner takes all” markets

Like Hollywood, many industries are coming to be dominated by "stars" who can command multi-million pound earnings. What are the consequences of the rise of the "super-rich"? Will there be a revival of philanthropy?
Diane Coyle