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Globalisation is working

Contrary to Robert Wade's arguments last month, countries that open up their economies tend to prosper. We need to help more of them reap globalisation's benefits
P L  

Globalisation isn’t working

The era of liberal globalisation has produced surprisingly poor economic results. Global growth is stagnating, and without the dramatic advance of China, poverty and inequality between countries would be growing sharply too
Robert Wade  

A Brummie’s lament

The Birmingham council estate I grew up on has just elected its first BNP councillor. The working-class defensiveness and isolation I fought so hard to escape are alive and well
Lynsey Hanley  

Turner gets it right on pensions

The Turner pensions commission rightly considers greater longevity not as a problem but as part of the solution. Its recommendations of a higher state pension with less means-testing, paid for by later retirement and more saving are right too
Nicholas Barr  

Status anxieties

We tend to assume that inequality in affluent societies is a sign of economic health and social vigour. But the evidence suggests that it makes us sick
Marek Kohn  

The captured state

Elites in the Asian tiger countries run the state in the public interest. In most of Africa, elites run the state in their own interests. Matthew Lockwood has written the best Africa book this year
Richard Dowden  

The return of philanthropy

In the past 20 years, the number of very rich people in Britain has risen sharply and tax incentives for giving are now similar to America's. But Britain does not yet have a US-style culture of giving, and mixing public…
Beth Breeze