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Smashing open the universe

In 2007, a high-energy collider near Geneva could uncover some of the mysteries of the universe. And the search for the missing pieces of the Standard Model of particle physics may provide experimental proof for string theory and extra dimensions
Lisa Randall  

Escape from the universe

The universe is destined to end. Before it does, could an advanced civilisation escape via a "wormhole" into a parallel universe? The idea seems like science fiction, but it is consistent with the laws of physics and biology. Here's how…
Michio Kaku  


Modern memory leaps too fast from the steam age to the information age. In between, at the end of the 19th century, was a spectacular epoch of light and power inventions which shaped the modern world. And the story of…
Simon Schaffer  

Was Einstein wrong?

The idea of a variable speed of light, championed by an angry young scientist, could one day topple Einstein's theory of relativity
Paul Davies  

Galileo Galilei

The great 17th-century Italian scientist returned to earth briefly last month for an exclusive interview with Lewis Wolpert. He clears up some confusions about his legacy planted by Bertolt Brecht
Lewis Wolpert  

Before the big bang

As time and space only came into existence with the big bang, the question of what happened before it makes no sense to cosmologists. But why did time and space suddenly switch on? And where do the laws of physics…