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New hope for Palestine?

Palestine's warring leaders have long kept their own people under siege—but as Hamas's popularity wanes, there is fresh hope for the peace process
Jo-Ann Mort  

After Oslo

The Oslo agreement was based on a territorial compromise which would be acceptable to both Israelis and Palestinians. But as the peace process falters, the "two-state solution" implicit in Oslo may have to give way to a unitary "binational state"…
Ahmad Samih Khalidi  

Looking for Palestine

As Israel celebrates its 50th anniversary, the middle east peace process seems to be stalled. Four years after the signing of the Oslo accords, Sarah Helm returns to the West Bank and Gaza Strip to see how facts on the…
Sarah Helm  

Fig leaf democracy

The first Palestinian election marked a modest start in the establishment of a democratic culture. But its aim, says Ian Black, was to legitimise peace with Israel, not to establish democracy
Ian Black