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Ethics man

Joe Joseph, our sage for the 21st century, solves readers' ethical dilemmas in this, the first of his regular columns
Joe Joseph  

A hunger to survive

After her husband and son died of starvation, there was nothing to keep Mrs Song in North Korea. Her story highlights the grim reality of life for the country’s 24m people
Barbara Demick  

City limits in North Korea

North Korea is calling for a new peace treaty with the US. What is really going on here? The regime may be as repressive as ever, but a recent visit to Pyonyang revealed subtle signs of change
Gary Jones  

North Korea’s endgame

There is little doubt that North Korea will fall; what matters is how. The manner of the regime's demise depends on how others handle it. A gentle transition is possible, but so is an East German-style collapse, or, even, a…
Aidan Foster-Carter  

A literary engagement

Does literature serve any higher purpose beyond entertainment? Mario Vargas Llosa argues that, unlike television or cinema, it has a special ability and responsibility to address itself to the problems of its time
Mario Vargas Llosa