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Learning the Thai sex trade

Thailand generates fantasies, both for tourists in search of sex and for aid workers peddling lurid tales of trafficking. The tsunami created more false horror stories. What are the facts of the trade?
Alex Renton  

The return of philanthropy

In the past 20 years, the number of very rich people in Britain has risen sharply and tax incentives for giving are now similar to America's. But Britain does not yet have a US-style culture of giving, and mixing public…
Beth Breeze  

Good books

Doomsayers persist in the belief that the book world has been overrun by philistinism. They are wrong. Publishers can rejoice in unprecedented levels of both quality and quantity. We are living in a golden age of the book
Toby Mundy  

Rich hypocrites

Oxfam has brilliantly exposed the EU as the worst of trade hypocrites; but it's a pity it still misreads the WTO
P L  

Drugs for the world’s poor

The patents and priorities of the western drugs industry are stacked against the sick of the developing world. But philanthropy, the impact of Aids, and new faces in global institutions have reinvigorated the battle against poor people's diseases.
Shereen El Feki