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In fact

Drinking in Moldova, the Cuban internet drought and why winning an Oscar could ruin your marriage

Word crimes

Fearing that events in the Middle East may spark a "Jasmine Revolution," Chinese authorities are cracking down on dissident writers. But some are still willing to speak out
Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore  

In fact

The origin of garden gnomes, capital punishment in China and pyjama-wearing Brits

Are paywalls the future?

The New York Times is putting its website behind a paywall. But is this the future of online journalism? Emily Bell, the mastermind behind Guardian online, isn't so sure
Frieda Klotz  

How to dress for power

Does it matter what our leaders wear? A new book argues that the influence of female public figures is intimately linked to their sense of style
Hugo Rifkind  

In fact

Employees thieving, Istanbul booming, and who the hell is Dave Matthews exactly?

Down with people power

Direct democracy is back in fashion, seen as a way of restoring trust in politics. But more referendums, and even votes to sack MPs, are a bad idea—just look at what has happened in California
Peter Kellner  

Barack Obama

His unusual background and his ability to use it to articulate a hopeful version of the American dream have turned Barack Obama into a political star. But is the US ready for its first black president?
James Crabtree  

Cultures of contempt

The claim that the accusatory, contemptuous culture of the modern media is undermining politics is itself now being dismissed. Can the downward spiral of media abuse and political evasion be reversed? Do we need a new journalism?
John Lloyd