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Tag: New Labour and the British left

Rosie future?

It is one of the strangest tales of Blairite Britain-the Express is going left, young and up-market all at once
Jean Seaton  

Defining the project

The Third Way is easy to poke fun at, but without some ideological framework politics will degenerate into faction and fixing
Tony Wright  

Evolutionary politics

The search for the third way must begin by rejecting all forms of political ideology, including benign socialism and benign Thatcherism. Political progress is to be measured by the extent to which institutions adapt to specific social and economic contexts
John Kay  

Ireland and the left

Peace of a kind may be coming to Northern Ireland. But, says Geoffrey Wheatcroft, it is no thanks to the soft-headed indulgence of the republican movement by the old British left
Geoffrey Wheatcroft  

Leapfrogging the Tories

Down with the public sector, long live public spending! Rick Nye considers a new book which argues that if Blair's active government is to make a difference it needs to go further than the Tories in reforming the state
Rick Nye  

The Blair paradox

One year on, David Marquand is still perplexed by the Blair project. New Labour has not yet acquired a distinctive ideology but critics are wrong to see it as the continuation of Thatcherism by other means. The government combines economic…
David Marquand  

Curates of utopia

Who owns Raymond Williams, one of the father figures of the New Left? Fred Inglis tries to understand why his biography of Williams has been vilified by some left-wing reviewers
Fred Inglis  

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown is the enigma at the centre of British economic and social policy. Despite being cliquey and thin-skinned, he could make a first class chancellor, says Robert Chote. But can he reconcile macroeconomic orthodoxy with his heartfelt social reforming…
Robert Chote  

Blair’s missed chance

Reviewing the extraordinary career of Lord Blair, Roy Denman finds the roots of his failure in the decision-taken just after the triumph of May 1997-to postpone early entry into Emu
Roy Denman  

Annus memorabilis

Some say that the story of our times is that the right has won politically, but the left has won culturally. The year 1997-with the Labour election landslide and the death of Diana-has provided vivid evidence to support the claim
Geoffrey Wheatcroft  

Wrong leader, right result

For most of the 20th century the Tory party has chosen the wrong leader, but has nevertheless won elections. Labour, until recently, has done the reverse
Ian Gilmour  

The mandate man

Prime ministers with big majorities are often called presidential. The Blair government actually is-and it is rearranging the constitution to suit its benign populism
Austin Mitchell  

Goodbye to Rawls

New Labour has abandoned a redistributive, social democratic idea of justice without putting anything in its place. John Gray suggests borrowing from the early 20th century New Liberals
John Gray  

The unreconstructed

An old Labour academic claims that lack of demand is the main cause of unemployment. Yvette Cooper, a new Labour MP, says this Keynesianism is as out of date as the monetarism which followed
Yvette Cooper  

French disconnection

For the first time this century France and Britain will be governed from the left for the same five year stretch. Yet London power brokers are disdainful of Lionel Jospin. This is no time for Francophobia
Denis MacShane  

After the landslide

Is New Labour an entirely new political force? Will a pro-European British government unintentionally stall the integration of Europe? British politics is the most open it has been for a generation. Six analysts try to make some sense of it
John Lloyd  

Smugness at dawn

Ian Buruma is glad to see the back of the Tory government, but he is already grinding his teeth at the sanctimonious nonsense being spouted by his bien pensant friends
Ian Buruma  

If George Eliot could vote

Eliot was a romantic conservative who would have preferred the dowdiness of the Majors to the smoothness of the Blairs. But Kathryn Hughes, her biographer, thinks Tony Booth would have swung her vote to New Labour
Kathryn Hughes  

What’s left in Europe

What does the left in Europe make of the Blair revolution? Peter Glotz, an elder statesman of the German left, places Blair's thinking (and his silences) in a European context
Peter Glotz