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Tag: New Labour and the British left

The liberal nation

Having transformed domestic politics, Tony Blair is now constructing a new idiom for Britain's place in the world in which liberal values can coexist with a proper patriotic pride
David Marquand  

Fissiparous left

The London Review of Books has spiked an article for praising Tony Blair. Is this evidence of a new cold war on the left?
John Lloyd  

A public realm

By making the public sector more efficient, is Tony Blair killing off the public sector ethos? Blame the cult of individualism
Barry Cox  

The Surrey set

Guildford, Surrey. The heart of Tory Britain. It has just elected a Liberal Democrat-the left-wing party, right?
James Purnell  

Other people

The modern left values both solidarity and diversity, but they can conflict. A strong notion of Britishness helps them to cohabit—the left still needs the nation
Jytte Klausen  

Blairite blues

Things are going well for the country and economy so why is New Labour winning only grudging respect from the electorate?
Matthew Taylor  

Mind the gap

New Labour does not have a convincing story to tell about the left's most important value-equality. In practice its "third way" approach means trying to improve conditions for the worst off but otherwise accepting market outcomes. Does Tony Blair's idea…
Michael Prowse  

Falling out

Intellectuals have previously led Labour's reform of Britain, but New Labour uses academics only on policy detail. In return, those intellectuals scorn the Blair project
John Lloyd  

Corporate control

New Labour has created a new "corporate populist" style of governing. It gets things done. But it is no way to run a democracy, especially one embarking on a big programme of constitutional reform. The exit of Peter Mandelson-the father…
Anthony Barnett  

Clashing centres

Recent clashes over European tax harmonisation have underlined the significant differences between Tony Blair's New Labour and Gerhard Schröder's New Centre in Germany. The gulf in political culture is also evident in recent books by advisers to the respective leaders…
Anne McElvoy  

A roar from the suburbs

The pollster at the heart of Blairism recalls his upbringing among the people that Labour forgot-the new middle class of the sprawling suburbs of middle England
Philip Gould  

Who’s afraid of Tony?

The Labour government is run by "control freaks" who cannot effectively manage the decentralisation of Britain. This is the message with which a credible opposition should be bombarding the public. But the Tories are trapped by their past and the…
Conrad Russell