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Tag: New Labour and the British left

The NHS works

The complaint of "marketisation" in the NHS is incoherent. The Blairite solution of giving patients the choice of publicly or privately provided care is helping to deliver the old Labour dream of reducing demand for privately funded care. But the…
Simon Stevens  

The Brown supremacy

Gordon Brown is odds-on to be prime minister by 2008. How different from Blair would he be? What are his foreign policy ideas? What about his adamantine personality and his Scottishness? Admirers and critics speculate
Irwin Stelzer  

The biographer’s tale

In 1994 I asked Roy Jenkins if I could write his biography. By the time he finally agreed, three years later, he was about to embark on his Churchill biography and I was about to start working for Tony Blair.…
Andrew Adonis  

Too diverse?

Is Britain becoming too diverse to sustain the mutual obligations behind a good society and the welfare state?
David Goodhart  

We three would-be kings

Crosland, Jenkins and Healey were the reforming leaders Labour never had. They ruined each other's chances of saving the party from its wilderness years
Dick Leonard  

Tony’s world

With America apparently losing interest in (and even patience with) Europe, can Britain still be a bridge across the Atlantic? While roaring around the northeast, Blair defends the global hegemon.
David Goodhart  

Five years Labour

In 1997, New Labour seized the centre ground with its marriage of Thatcherism and social democracy. How does the Blair-Brown duopoly measure up in practice? Will New Labour dominate the 21st century?
Robert Skidelsky