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Tag: New Labour and the British left

Thatcherism’s final triumph

The complaint from the left against Blair is that he missed the chance to push Britain further leftwards. His failure to build a new consensus, plus the collapse in trust over Iraq, means the chance has now gone
Peter Wilby  

The Brown revolution

It is July 1994. Gordon Brown has just been elected leader of the Labour party. Tony Blair becomes shadow foreign secretary, with a mission to reform Britain's relationship with Europe. What happens next?
Steve Richards  

Lies, spin and deceit

Tony Blair is charged with lying and deceiving the public with "spin." But spin is just the reaction of politics to a more aggressive media. And on Iraq, it is Blair's judgement, not his integrity, that is at stake
John Lloyd  

New Labour odyssey

From the back streets of Birmingham via Oxford to election as an MP in 2001, I have been at the heart of New Labour. It was never a middle-class coup—it grew from the core of Labour's traditions

National anxieties

Issues of security and identity have been unexpectedly prominent since 1997. On this terrain, New Labour has found itself squeezed between its liberal supporters and its anxious ones. The two can be reconciled in a politics of liberal realism, based…
David Goodhart  

Interview: Adam Smith

The author of the Wealth of Nations, back in Glasgow for a university fundraiser, has some surprising ideas on international development, taxation and the role of the state
Iain McLean  

John Stuart Mill

Mill left no systematic legacy— there is no "Millism." But 200 years after his birth, his liberalism is still relevant. And Britain's greatest ever public intellectual was often surprisingly contrarian
Richard Reeves  

In bed with the neocons

Oliver Kamm has made a brave attempt to reconcile left-wing idealism with US neoconservatism. But can non-Americans really be neocons?
David Clark  

Too much choice

Most of Labour's public service reforms make sense. The new focus on individual choice does not. The "super-modernisers" who are pushing it make a false analogy with the private sector
David Lipsey  

Born in Bradford

I witnessed the birth of political multiculturalism in Britain. It was in Bradford in the late 1980s when the left, shamefully, swapped secular universalism for ethnic particularism
Kenan Malik  

Lessons of power

After seven years at No 10, I believe that government retains a great power for good, and that politicians are as impressive, and ethical, as their counterparts anywhere else. The danger is not from hubris, but that governments will believe…
Geoff Mulgan