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Tag: New Labour and the British left

Fatuous leftism

Some of the hostile responses to Andrew Anthony's book exemplified the very attitudes the author aimed to expose
Bella Thomas  

Political thrills

In imagining Tony Blair's future, Robert Harris goes some way to explaining the mistakes of his past. But shouldn't he have aimed for something more ambitious than a thriller?
Erik Tarloff  

The failure of market failure

New Labour economics, in both private and public sectors, is based on the idea of market failure. But the doctrine smuggles in too many neoliberal assumptions, and does not acknowledge collective choices. The centre-left needs something better
John Kay  

Taxing the super-rich

In recent years, Britain has attracted a large number of the world's super-rich—thanks partly to the favourable tax regime. But politicians of left and right are now starting to wonder if it's possible to increase the tax take on the…
David Goodhart  

Lessons from history

Intellectuals have had a mixed record in British politics. Let's hope that Gordon Brown is in the tradition of Gladstone rather than of Balfour
Iain McLean  

Just a bookworm?

Brown's thinking is neither cosmopolitan nor sophisticated, and he is a loner with few strong links to leading intellectual contemporaries
Daniel Johnson  

An American liberal

Brown is less of an intellectual "magpie" than he seems. He draws on both liberal and conservative Americans for good reason
Geoff Mulgan  

Leap of faith

Recent Labour leaders have kept quiet about their religious beliefs. As premier, will Brown allow his faith to leech into his politics?
Richard Cockett  

Courage and sorrow

Gordon Brown's new book "Courage" is a response to the death of his first child. He has transformed his suffering into a lesson
Emran Mian  

An intellectual in power

Intensive study has made Gordon Brown into one of the best-read politicians of recent times. But what is his intellectual formation and style? And how will they inform his premiership?
John Lloyd  

The self-made exile

Michael Foot was the great rhetorician of his age. His tirades against government enlivened politics and helped sustain the credibility of parliament
Andrew Adonis  

Follow the leader

The "Blairism" strategy of the centre-left has brought ten years of power, thanks to a centralised leadership system attuned to the interests of middle Britain. Without Blair this system will no longer work. So will Labour now turn to electoral…
David Soskice  

Illiberal lefts

Nick Cohen is right to criticise leftists for tolerating tyrants, but haven't parts of the left always been illiberal?
David Clark