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A question of character

The idea of "good character" sounds old-fashioned and patronising, but it may be the key to some of our most entrenched social problems. Politicians across the spectrum are starting to realise this
Richard Reeves  

Against ideology

The Labour party should ignore those calling for a return to ideological roots and instead embrace pragmatism
Kieran Brett  

On liberty

Philip Collins and Richard Reeves have told Labour to "liberalise." But their notion of liberty is confused
Helen Goodman  

Brussels diary

The press have ruled out Blair's chances of becoming EU president. But don't write him off just yet. Make way for the new EU diplomatic corps. Plus, Robert Cooper needs a job
Manneken Pis  

Staggering on

Why can't the New Statesman hang on to readers or editors? The magazine's difficulties are symptomatic of broader problems within the British left
David Herman