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Catastrophe watch

Super-eruptions, asteroid impacts and cosmic winters—such cataclysmic events, known as gee-gees, are no longer science fiction. The tsunami has helped focus minds on the potential dangers. We must act now
Bill McGuire  

Rocks in space

A government report recommended that we spend a great deal of money ensuring that a rogue asteroid or comet does not hit the Earth. An example of rocks in the head, rather than rocks in space, say some. Yet the…
Duncan Steel  

Drugs for the world’s poor

The patents and priorities of the western drugs industry are stacked against the sick of the developing world. But philanthropy, the impact of Aids, and new faces in global institutions have reinvigorated the battle against poor people's diseases.
Shereen El Feki  

After Christian democracy

Christian democracy has driven European politics for two generations. In Italy, Belgium and Germany, it is now in disarray-accused of rule by patronage rather than by policy. But does Austria point to the post-Christian democrat future?