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Tag: Nationalism and the nation

The nowhere man

The transcontinental tribe of wanderers is growing, global souls for whom home is everywhere and nowhere. Pico Iyer, one of the privileged homeless, considers the new kind of person being created by a new kind of life
Pico Iyer  

Gellner on nationalism

Ernest Gellner made important contributions to intellectual life in anthropology, sociology, and philosophy. He used them all to further the study of nationalism. In his last public appearance in the UK, at Warwick University, he debated the theme "Nationalism, real…
Ernest Gellner  

The Yugoslav tragedy

As the war in the former Yugoslavia moves towards a denouement, Aleksa Djilas, son of the late dissident Milovan Djilas, disputes the view that it is a peculiarly Balkan horror. Instead, he argues, it is part of the unstoppable process…
Aleksa Djilas