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Identity and migration

Modern liberal societies have weak collective identities. Postmodern elites, especially in Europe, feel that they have evolved beyond identities defined by religion and nation. But if our societies cannot assert positive liberal values, they may be challenged by migrants who…
Francis Fukuyama  

Fry’s challenge

Michael Fry's conversion to Scottish independence is the greatest challenge to unionism I have seen in a long time
John Lloyd  

Free Scotland

Michael Fry has finally seen the light. I look forward to him joining me on the SNP podium
Jim Mather  

English questions

World Cup flag-waving plus the prospect of the first post-devolution Scottish prime minister have revived the English question. Will it be politicised? If the Tories push for "English votes for English laws," will it unravel the union?
Arthur Aughey  

National anxieties

Issues of security and identity have been unexpectedly prominent since 1997. On this terrain, New Labour has found itself squeezed between its liberal supporters and its anxious ones. The two can be reconciled in a politics of liberal realism, based…
David Goodhart  

Divide and heal

Despite the imminent formation of a government of national unity, Iraq is splintering into its three historic provinces. The break-up can be managed, but it cannot be avoided. The western powers and Iraqi nationalists must now accept that radical federalism…
Gareth Stansfield  

The mystery of development

2005 was a big year for international development. But there are strict limits on what outsiders can do to help poor countries. People develop themselves with the help of functioning legal systems and states
Robert Cooper