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Methadone madness

I'm out of Wandsworth, keen to go straight after 20 years of criminal life, with a methadone prescription to keep me off heroin. The only problem is cutting through the red tape while cold turkey sets in
Peter Wayne  

Plan Colombia

The American military is fixated by a mission to hit cartels and leftist guerrillas in one strike. While western consumers fund the narco economy, is Bush going to war?
Mark Bowden  

A crooked life

Prospect's prisoner was released last June, but for the second time in two years he was unable to resist the pull of London's drug-soaked, criminal underworld
Peter Wayne  

Wayne’s underworld

Soon after his release, Prospect's prisoner went down and out in Soho and Covent Garden, where crack flows as freely as champagne. He tried not to succumb...
Peter Wayne  

Prohibition wars

The war on drugs is aimed at the wrong culprits, based on the flimsiest information-and largely ineffective. Drugs are in any case a minor problem compared to other plagues afflicting mankind. Europe must not be sucked into this US-driven obsession
Hugh O'Shaughnessy  

Modern manners

Jeremy Clarke recalls his career on drugs and a failed attempt to grow cannabis in his father's greenhouse
Jeremy Clarke  

Drugs – legal and illegal

Cannabis accounts for 83 per cent of all drug offences in Britain-yet the drug causes neither violence nor death. Alcohol, a legal drug, causes some 25,000 deaths a year. Duncan Campbell examines the arguments for and against legalising some drugs…
Duncan Campbell  


It is a commonplace of left and right that global markets are rendering national economies ungovernable. Unconstrained markets are said to increase wealth while polarising its distribution and destroying political authority. But how global has the market become? Paul Hirst…
Paul Hirst