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Who calls the tune?

Too many opera directors display contempt for audiences and composers in their eccentric adaptations. We need more powerful intendants
Tom Rosenthal  

The music hasn’t died

Geoffrey Wheatcroft is too pessimistic. Thanks to small record companies such as Naxos, there is plenty of new music even if it's not very modern
Edward Pearce  


Increasing complexity has characterised the last 200 years of classical music. But, however difficult a composer might seem at first, if musicians want to play his music it will find an audience
Charles Rosen  

Chaps doing things

Herb Greer goes to Oxford to hear Nigel Kennedy play Elgar and Beethoven with a student rchestra. As long as he plays like this, we can forgive him his mannered eccentricity
Herb Greer  

Rap around the clock

Has rock music become brutal and tuneless or are we just getting old? Tony Parsons says that the musical generation gap is more evident in the US than in Britain, with its tame and familiar sounding Britpop. But the real…
Tony Parsons  

Festival of Britain

There are two types of arts festival, says Edward Pearce-unsmart ones in pretty places and those visited by Dr Bragg and the leaders of the Republic of Letters
Edward Pearce