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Tag: Modernism and postmodernism

Worst of England

Kingsley and Martin Amis represent the successes and failures of their respective generations, but they can't match the best American fiction
Andrew Marr  

Modernism matters

Most people are tempted to consign musical modernism to the lumber room of history. Music still needs the modernists' spirit of adventure
Ivan Hewett  

Delightful failure

Salman Rushdie has produced his most vital novel since "Midnight's Children," yet it is a post-modern failure. The critical reception of "The Ground Beneath her Feet" points to a growing unease with the kind of novel Rushdie now write.
James Wood  

Music’s dying fall

In every generation there are those who bemoan the death of classical music. But what if, this time round, they are right? A living musical culture is being crushed between easy-listening commercialisation and an unmusical avant-garde which speaks only to…
Geoffrey Wheatcroft  

How good is Heaney?

Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney is adored by the British literary establishment. His old-fashioned lyric voice is bland, self-important, and ignores the modernist revolution
Antony Easthope  

The History Man

Richard J Evans's book is not so much a defence of history as of one school (left, populist, socially conscious) against another (conservative, elitist, high political)
Daniel Johnson  

The future of history

What is History? EH Carr's famous question has been answered by post-modernists who argue that writing history is simply about power, and that all interpretations are equally valid. The post-modernists (and Carr) are wrong
Richard J Evans  

The philosopher clown

Jean Baudrillard, the high priest of post-modernism, meets Marina Benjamin at the Ritz, and tells her that news has destroyed reality and that history is running backwards
Marina Benjamin