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The return of story

In the 20th century, as the practice of the novel tore away from storytelling, narrative went to the movies. But that rip in literature is now being mended
Julian Evans  

The tomb of modernity

Moma has not only defined the idea of the modern art museum, it has sustained New York as the defining modern city. So why does its monumental redesign make it look like a mausoleum?
Mark Irving  

Richard Rorty

He is arguably the most influential philosopher of our time: a radical American who is against war in Iraq - and against truth, reason and science. Yet his radicalism turns out to be oddly disarming
Simon Blackburn  

Kronic contemporaneity

What the Kronos quartet represents is less the genuinely new than the literally recent. But it may be our only great vehicle for experimental music
Erik Tarloff  

Death by naturalism

How close can fiction come to describing reality? The British author BS Johnson embarked on a quest for absolute literary naturalism which ended in his suicide.
Jonathan Coe  

Death of an idea

Postmodernism is finished in philosophy. After 9/11 the denial of objective reality looks neither daring nor clever
Julian Baggini