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Extreme males

Autism is now surprisingly common. But as society becomes more "female" there is less tolerance for those who cannot empathise
Simon Baron-Cohen  

Bedlam or asylum?

For the past 15 years, my son has suffered from manic depression. I have seen at first hand the shocking deteriotation in Britain's mental health services. We have stopped looking madness in the face
Magnus Linklater  

Global happiness

Globalisation is making everyone richer, but may undermine human happiness. What would a (utilitarian) God suggest?
Robert Wright  

Pills or talk?

Is psychoanalysis dead? Drugs and "cognitive therapies" are the new fashion, but advances in our understanding of the mind may have proved Freud right.
Lewis Wolpert  

My friend, the doctor

Oliver Sacks's bizarre neuro-histories have made him one of the world's most celebrated doctor-writers. But what is he like as a doctor—in the ward, on the street, making a house call?
Paul Theroux  

Curse of comparison

Why are so many people unhappy, when we live in a period of unprecedented affluence? An obsessive preoccupation with comparing ourselves to others is to blame. We have unrealistic expectations, which leave us permanently dissatisfied, prone to depression and aggression
Oliver James  

The lab

Darwinian medicine warns us not to wipe out depression-it may serve a purpose
Geoff Watts