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Bipolar nation

A big shift in our understanding of mood disorders is under way, with many depressed people now being reclassified as bipolar. But is trading antidepressant drugs for mood stabilisers a sign of progress, or just the latest diagnostic fad?
Annie Maccoby Berglof  

Out of mind

The psychiatrist saw William just once. He'd been depressed, but now seemed better, so the psychiatrist sent him away. Then, five weeks later, he opened the local paper
Robert Drummond  

In sickness and in hope

We have always told tales about suffering and healing, yet our ideas of "medical narrative"—the kind of stories we tell about illness and treatment, and the stories our society constructs around medicine—are young and evolving. Here, Michael Blastland, Francesca Happé…
Michael Blastland  

Objects from Wellcome Collection

Reflecting the diversity of Wellcome Collection, Prospect asked a selection of experts to respond to individual objects they thought astonishing, intriguing or important within its two permanent galleries, Medicine Now and Medicine Man
Lewis Wolpert  

Life, but not as we know it

Thanks to the new science of synthetic biology, it will soon be possible to create living cells in a laboratory. This could bring big benefits—from medicine to combating global warming—but potential dangers too. I went to Greenland to find out…
Philip Ball  

Michael Rawlins

The chairman of Nice—the body that decides which drugs the NHS can afford—on the Herceptin row, how Nice calculates the value of a human life and the pharmaceutical industry's expensive drugs crisis
Alun Anderson  

Lab report

Sussex's chemistry department has been spared the axe, but others have been shut. Is this the twilight of British chemistry? Plus, a new vaccine for bird flu
Philip Ball