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The show trial

Thanks to David Cesarani's biography, Arthur Koestler will be remembered as a crackpot sex maniac. This is a travesty of the man who, for all his faults, saw the truth of both Nazism and Stalinism before the rest of his…
Frederic Raphael  

We can’t write love

On Valentine's Day don't send a card, write a letter. But don't include the most rhythmically unsatisfying phrase in the English language: I love you
Helen Stevenson  

Waste is good

Evolutionists used to be puzzled by the wastefulness of the peacock's tail. Now they believe that almost everything in nature that we find beautiful or impressive has been shaped by wasteful sexual display. Sexual display also lies at the root…
Geoffrey Miller  

A blue Christmas

In the mid-1980s, fear about Aids swept through Britain's prisons. Prospect's prisoner, who was then in Wandsworth, chronicles the uninhibited sexual encounters of men inside
Peter Wayne  


The Clinton sex scandals have revealed how women can turn eruptions of male libido to their advantage
Maureen Dowd  

Living with adultery

Under the old code of behaviour, if you committed adultery you kept it discreet and people pretended not to notice. This hyprocrisy worked, says Jonathan Rauch-it discouraged infidelity while accommodating human nature. Now adulterers like Bill Clinton are legally pursued…
Jonathan Rauch  


Sara Davidson visited a Tantric sex seminar in Santa Monica, sceptical about the G spot, the vaginal orgasm, and female ejaculation. Now she is not so sure. This piece is extracted from a longer report in the US magazine Mirabella
Sara Davidson  


Two prominent French writers who have been married for 30 years, Philippe Sollers and Julia Kristeva, discuss their attitude to infidelity
Philippe Sollers  

Current affairs

As monogamy becomes the global norm, so does sexual betrayal. Surveys show that more than 70 per cent of married people report at least one affair. Does infidelity remedy the deficiencies of the lifetime partnership, or does it signify the…
Rosalind Miles  

Run rabbit run

Banned under communism, Playboy magazine became a legend among Russians. Artyom Troitsky, rock critic turned editor-in-chief, tells how the new Russian Playboy is shaping up
Artyom Troitsky  

The sex and shopping gland

The director of a top modelling agency has accused women's magazines of being obsessed with sex. But Hilary Burden, former deputy editor of Cosmopolitan, says they have already been destroyed by the advertisers
Hilary Burden