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A moral renewal

Punishing our bankers and politicians won't deter them from wrongdoing; they'll just find new ways of acting as they please. Instead, they must be rehabilitated
M G Zimeta  


Like David Cronenberg's other films, Eastern Promises is about the form of evil, not its content. His films are sensory screeches rather than intellectual sermons
Mark Cousins  

Performance notes

London may not have the best orchestra in the world, but with its four permanent subsidised symphony orchestras it has the best orchestral life
Martin Kettle  

Interview: Ken Livingstone

"Red Ken" explains why big business is a progressive force in the new, global London. He also discusses the city's high-density growth, Sharia law and segregation in the capital, and how he will sink Labour if it won't invest in…
Simon Parker  

These islands

Each month, our new column will look at life in one of the five capital cities of "these islands." As this is Prospect's London month, we start in the old imperial capital
Simon Jenkins  

Degrees of silence

A knowledgeable audience can make all the difference to a classical concert—just as too many coughs, or bored silence, can spoil things. London may be lucky with its audiences at the moment, but will this remain the case?
Stephen Everson  

A city of capital

London is diverse, dynamic and rich. It is also unequal, expensive and congested—and getting fuller every year. Can London's socialist mayor preside over a hyper-capitalist city-state while keeping it a decent place to live for most citizens?
Simon Parker